Cloud Backup Case Study

Cheam School have made great progress in moving many systems and services to the Cloud. They wanted the reassurance that they were protected from any possible data loss, data corruption or ransomware in an online world where traditional on-premise backup systems are less relevant.

The Challenge

In recent times Cheam School have embraced ‘The Cloud’, both for administrative and for teaching and learning systems. This included moving their primary school information system fully online, plus making full use of the wide portfolio of applications provided with Office365.


With this new reliance on the online world, Cheam School understood that they still needed to ensure that school data is safe from loss or corruption. There are some recovery tools in Office365, but these do not provide the level of protection the school needed.


Cloud First

Utilise the full benefits of cloud services, no need to buy hardware

Advanced Protection

Help protect school systems from ransomware attacks

Business Continuity

Fast and secure access to essential data on demand, even in disaster scenarios

How we did it

RivaNET helped the school to put in place a new advanced backup and recovery system that was itself cloud based. It was setup within an hour and provided protection for Office 365 applications plus the school’s few remaining onsite servers and files. The new system provides comprehensive ransomware protection with the use of innovative air-gap technology. It also provides advanced emergency data access facilities that exceeded what was previously possible with an onsite backup system. Being fully cloud based, there is a management console that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Cheam School are now able to focus on education with the reassurance that their data is protected from accidental or malicious loss.