Live Lessons Case Study

Colfe’s School urgently needed to adopt and implement a ‘live lessons’ remote learning platform in response to the coronavirus pandemic that resulted in the majority of pupils being sent home.

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The Challenge

Colfe’s School had existing remote learning systems available to them, providing them with the ability to set tasks and for pupils to submit their work for assessment. But these were not coping with the huge increase in usage resulting from pupils being at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the school urgently needed help to facilitate ‘live lessons’ which pupils could access and interact with on a real time basis, providing them with a ‘virtual classroom’ experience.


Expert Advice

Guidance for the School on fast adoption strategy

Fast Delivery

H Teams configured, training delivered within days

Exceptional Support

Staff and teachers had access to experts for help and advice when required

How we did it

RivaNET worked with the school to fast track Microsoft Teams. This included the initial configuration and subsequent customisation so that all classes were setup ready for teachers and pupils to use.
Training, user guides and one-on-one support was also provided to help teachers and pupils get up and running as quickly as possible.
RivaNET continued providing helpdesk services whilst staff and pupils got up to speed with their new method of teaching and learning.


RivaNET were instrumental in Colfe’s School’s strategy to continue to provide outstanding education services to all of their pupils all of the time.

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“A huge thank you to all that RivaNET. Your team have been truly exceptional and seemingly unflappable. We are truly very lucky to have your support.”


Julie Lerbech – Bursar & Clerk to Governing Body
Colfe’s School