Outsourced IT Infrastructure & Support Case Study

Colfe’s School needed to make significant updates to their technology infrastructure; the key decision was whether or not to outsource their IT provision and support?

The Challenge

With a legacy network and IT infrastructure in need of a complete overhaul, Colfe’s School were facing a critical challenge with outdated IT that didn’t support the daily needs of staff and pupils.

Computers would regularly crash and the email system would hang four or five times a day. Printers were not networked or properly configured, meaning staff couldn’t print across campus.

The network was only kept running with customised fixes and patches, using bespoke scripts and code known only to the network manager, who’d recently left. This left Colfe’s with a complex, unstable and potentially unsupportable IT infrastructure.

They wanted a Service Level Agreement that ensured if there was a problem then staff knew it would be fixed. So Colfe’s decided to outsource their IT infrastructure and support.


Technology Audit

Comprehensive review of IT and learning environments with a detailed report to plan and budget upgrades.

Solid Foundations

Upgrade the school’s technology infrastructure to staff and pupils work in a robust and secure environment.

Setting Expectations

Managed service ensures fit for purpose, future proofed technology to deliver enriched learning experience.

How we did it

RivaNET were engaged to undertake a full audit of the Colfe’s School technology infrastructure.


This was a comprehensive review of both core IT (IT suites, servers and networks) as well as other learning technologies including audio visual and whiteboards. A detailed report highlighted priority recommendations and alerts, with a fully costed roadmap to aid budgeting and planning essential changes to yield the greatest impact.


As a result of the audit, RivaNET were selected to deliver the infrastructure refresh. Major upgrade programs can be a bumpy ride, so RivaNET worked with Colfe’s to proactively manage the pain and help teachers and pupils alike with individual requirements. Colfe’s had effectively put in an entire new infrastructure, which was transparent to staff who still had the same PC’s on their desks. But behind the scenes everything had changed.


RivaNET fully manages the school IT infrastructure, with an on-site team that delivers a blend of cutting-edge and traditional technology solutions, including servers, networks, PC’s, Macs and projectors in the classrooms, as well as cabling and infrastructure when it comes to building and development work.


Today, Colfe’s systems are stable and reliably underpinned with robust back up and disaster recovery processes. Industry standard software helps future proof the school’s infrastructure, and systems are easily understood and managed. The infrastructure now supports Colfe’s expectations and objectives for future learning experiences.

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“My role is huge and covers everything that isn’t teaching. IT infrastructure is a part of it that I don’t need to make time for because RivaNET just sort it out”


Julie Lerbech – Bursar & Clerk to the Governors
Colfe’s School