Enhanced Cyber Security & Web Filtering Case Study

Wellington College wanted to take their cyber security to the next level whilst maintaining a seamless easy to use learning environment for pupils & staff.

The Challenge

When Wellington College needed to enhance their e-safety, they focused on improving the web filtering they had in place and how to take it to the next level. On-line safety for under 18’s is not just about blocking the obvious things, it’s about protecting the innocent. Being alert to issues before they become an actual concern is essential.


The chosen solution had to integrate with other security applications the school had in place. And it was essential for users to have just one username and password allowing them to log into all services and access the web transparently.


Wellington College is a Microsoft Showcase School with a “Choose your own policy” resulting in a broad range of devices that need to be protected.

Secure Filtering

Web rules and hierarchy implemented to apply polices by user or group to ensure proper filtering

Threat Protection

Analyse and predict threat behaviour with detection, prevention, monitoring and global threat intelligence

Single Sign-On

Integrates seamlessly with directory services and ensures compliance regardless of location or device

How we did it

Wellington College required a secure web content filtering software that was simple to integrate with their current IT infrastructure, and scaleable with their proactive IT policy.


Although exceeding legal cyber safety requirements, Wellington College wanted to be a leader amongst their peer schools in the HMC. RivaNET conducted vulnerability and penetration testing of the existing cyber security infrastructure to prove it was robust and highlight any vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed.


iboss was the ideal solution to address the challenges of e-safety and cyber bullying protection. It also identifies network infections so Wellington College can effectively respond and mitigate threats in real time to prevent data loss or exploitation. RivaNET helped to set up rules-based web access that enables access to specific content for selected users, based on the role or position within the school. Installation was swift and seamless, meaning the single sign on vision was delivered quickly and effectively.


Feedback from Wellington College states they can now be much more proactive and they feel confident knowing they have this extra line of security in place. Regular e-safety committee meetings review live iboss dashboards and reports, heading off issues before they become a problem.


From start to finish, this was a quick and seamless implementation for Wellington College. This was important because was a lot of focus from senior staff to ensure this high profile project delivers the highest standard of on-line protection for pupils.

cs-wellington building

“As a school we go above and beyond the requirements of current legislation, so when we wanted to step up our e-security to the next level we needed a leading company”


Tony Whelton – Director of IT Services & Development
Wellington College