Email Security

UK private schools are a growing target for email security attacks

The RivaNET advanced email security system is an award winning, cost effective solution for independent schools and colleges.


Email is the main infection route for ransomware and malware, where over 90% of email traffic features spam, phishing, malware and other electronic threats.


Staff and pupils will at some point be fooled in to clicking on a link or opening an attachment that will give hackers the open door they are looking for. Is your school’s email security able to stop these common threats?


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How secure is your email?

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Why RivaNET’s Advanced Email Security?

Plug and play

Be up and running in 15 minutes

Tried and tested

Used in many leading UK independent schools

Award winning

2019 Computing Security Winner

Educational pricing and offers

3 years for the price of 2

Advanced features

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Free trial

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You can add or remove users at the end of the term

What our customers say

“RivaNET’s email solution has the security, control and reporting features needed by admins with the visibility and self-service features liked by users, all easily implemented and at a cost-effective price.”

Magdalen College School – Dr Peter Othen, Director of IT

“At a time when identity is crucial to cyber security, RivaNET’s solution gives us the confidence that our email system is contributing to our security landscape. Easy to manage and effective, it is a key tool in protecting our users against the growing email threats.”

Cheam School – Adam Hynes, Director of Digital Learning

Independent Schools are Targets

Cyber criminals perceive families with the income to fund private education as potential high-value victims. The consequences of a breach are far-reaching, especially where children are concerned.

  • Six private schools have submitted insurance claims in the last quarter as a consequence of data loss from cyber-attacks
  • Office 365 has become the primary target in recent months and the basic security features included are not sufficient
  • Attacks can be mounted at scale without ever having a foothold within the school infrastructure
  • Security is a serious threat to a school’s reputation


Basic Office 365 defences are proving insufficient against email attacks. RivaNET’s advanced email solution provides the following enhanced security features:

  • URL and document sandboxing to protect against dangerous content
  • 99.99% spam catch rate
  • Near to zero false positives
  • Integrates with Office 365, Exchange & Gmail

“Following rapid implementation, the RivaNET system has proven highly effective in reducing the instances of staff and pupils clicking on malicious links, by preventing phishing emails from reaching our inboxes.


The “Dictionary” feature also allows us to scan and block emails based on keywords, in line with Prevent duty guidelines. RivaNET has proven to be exactly what we were looking for – a simple but powerful and highly effective solution to protect against malware, spam and phishing and generally help us to improve our security standards.”


Francis Holland Schools – David Nanton, Director of IT

How to get started

RivaNET’s advanced email security solution offers affordable educational pricing plus multi-year discount options. It’s easy to implement and gets you protected. Fast. Get your school protected: