Survey, Benchmark & Roadmap

Our Technology Audit helps schools maximise the value of IT systems, assets & investments during their lifecycle.

The vision and values of your school or college sets the bar and expectations of parents and pupils alike.

In today’s technology-driven world, it is imperative your school’s IT infrastructure is robust and optimised to deliver on your vision and promises. Creating an outstanding and safe education experience for your pupils and staff, underpinned with the right IT infrastructure and processes, is essential for effective learning.

However, in many schools, IT is likely to have evolved over a number of years in an ad-hoc manner, often raising questions such as:

  • What are the challenges and costs of your school’s IT infrastructure?
  • Do you fully understand the installed software and how it is being utilised?
  • Is it safe for pupils engaged in online learning?
  • How could your IT infrastructure be evolved to better support teaching methods?
  • Does your IT infrastructure support core administrative functions, in addition to classroom teaching?
  • Are you realising the maximum value and benefit from your investments?
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RivaNET Technology Audit

What challenges are you likely to face with your IT Infrastructure?

Commission the RivaNET Technology Audit

Our breadth of knowledge enables us to devise technology strategies that better align your vision, values and budget with your IT infrastructure and learning objectives.

This will enable your school to gain a detailed understanding of how existing assets and infrastructure support current operations, with a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the IT resources currently deployed. Our Audit encompasses the following:

  • Cyber Security
  • Servers and Infrastructure
  • Software and Applications
  • IT Support
  • Networks, Cabling and Connectivity
  • Disaster Recovery and Back-Up

RivaNET Technology Audit

Help “future proof” your IT infrastructure with a clear 3 year roadmap.

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The Technology Audit Report

On completion of an audit, we provide you with a full report. This includes a detailed inventory of existing IT assets, resources, processes and a network topology analysis. The audit provides a benchmark of current systems and performance, and identifies critical security concerns and issues that prevent your IT infrastructure from performing to optimal levels.

The report will highlight underperforming areas within your school with pragmatic recommendations that address:

  • Urgent issues requiring immediate resolution, such as security vulnerabilities
  • Upgrades to existing systems for enhanced performance and flexibility
  • Investments in new and emerging technologies to help “futureproof” your infrastructure

This is presented with a 3-5 Year Roadmap for IT enhancements that can be used to evolve your IT strategy, build an investment case, prioritise new projects, or even form part of a tender document.

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