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The cost of ensuring in-house staff have the knowledge & qualifications to keep your school IT fully operational represents a significant impact to your IT budget.

Traditional in-house support strategies are predicated on a reactive support model typically focused on fire-fighting and issue resolution. This can make it challenging to both operate and maintain a fully-functioning IT environment which properly supports your daily operational needs and the full diversity of technologies deployed. Little time is left to pre-empt issues and pro-actively manage your systems.


This is especially true if your school has a largely aging IT estate, or combination of legacy systems and new, recently deployed technologies.


Our managed service options provide the expert support you need with the advantage of predicable budgeting. To read in detail about all the services we can offer you and your school, take a look at our brochure.

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Managed IT

A strategic service that enables schools to improve the quality of their IT support systems and processes, whilst managing and reducing costs.

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Remote Support Services

A combination of services available to suit all needs, from Helpdesk services logging support calls via email or telephone to proactive support delivering real-time monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications from our dedicated Security Operations Centre

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Onsite Support

Providing schools with the capability to resolve any issue, our onsite support delivers both one-off engagements and managed support to complement both Managed IT and remote services.

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Managed IT delivers transparency & cost management

Our Approach

RivaNET provide a portfolio of packaged and managed services that help you to optimise your support strategy and effectiveness, by evolving from ‘fire-fighting’ to proactive support. This provides all the support resources you need to ensure your IT infrastructure is permanently secure and operational.

Our managed service provides you with the expert support you need, allowing you to manage headcount accordingly, and free up budget for strategic investments to evolve and enhance your IT infrastructure and systems.

Support Strategy

Strategic services to improve the quality of IT support systems and processes, reduce costs and improve governance.

Proactive Management

Reduce unplanned downtime and outages, ensuring that your education delivery remains uninterrupted.

Trusted Partners

We pride ourselves on close relationships with technology vendors, providing early access to new and upgraded technologies.

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IT Support Services

Maximise the value of your existing IT system, assets and investments

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